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70khz Ultrasonic Transducer For Embedding Machine

70khz Ultrasonic Transducer For Embedding Machine

Description The ultrasonic generator converts the power supply into a electrical signal. This signal is applied to piezoelectrical ceramics (included in the converter) that will convert this signal into mechanical oscillations These oscillations will be amplified by the booster and converter,...

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70khz Ultrasonic Transducer for Embedding Machine


Ultrasonic transducer is the core device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (ultrasonic), the piezoelectric ceramic chip adopts imported parts, andcan give a strong and stable output. It is made from aluminum alloy or titanium alloy. 

This machine is designed for embedding or implanting the copper wire onto INLAY middle sheets as per the designed track with advanced ultrasonic technology.   

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Applied Range: 

Radio frequency identification (RFID) inlays are manufactured throughout the world for many purposes: biometric passports, the contactless smart card market (e-ID, electronic healthcare cards, payment cards, public transportation), and for dual interface applications. At the same time, wire-embedded high frequency (HF) RFID antennas are available and offer a number of advantages over printed, etched, or galvanized variations.

Among others, the ability to freely select shapes is enticing for card and passport manufacturers, since this can lead to competitive advantages. Further benefits, such as environmental friendliness, durability, and improved product quality, also should be mentioned.






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