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Principle and method for Ultrasonic emulsifier

Principle and method for Ultrasonic emulsifier


Ultrasonic emulsifier working principle:

Ultrasonic emulsification ultrasonic extraction with its extraction temperature is low, the extraction rate is high, the extraction time is short The unique advantages of the Chinese herbal medicines, oils and various kinds of animals and plants to extract the effective content, is an alternative to the traditional extraction process to achieve efficient, energy saving, Environmental protection of modern high-tech means of extraction. Ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicine superiority is based on the special physical properties of ultrasound, mainly through the piezoelectric transducer to produce rapid mechanical vibration wave to reduce the target extract and sample matrix between the force in order to achieve solid-liquid extraction Separated.

Ultrasonic emulsification ultrasonic extraction of traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine simple method and mechanism for the extraction solvent (water, ethanol or other organic solvents, etc.) added to the container, the Chinese medicine according to the need to crush or cut into granules, into the extraction solvent ; The outer wall of the container is adhered to the transducer vibrator or the vibrator is sealed in the stainless steel box and is put in the container; the ultrasonic generator is turned on, the ultrasonic wave is sent out to the extracting solvent by the vibrator, the 'cavitation effect' and the mechanical action , On the one hand it can effectively crush the cell wall of the medicinal material so that the active ingredient is in a free state and dissolves in the extraction solvent and on the other hand accelerates the molecular movement of the extraction solvent so that the active ingredients in the extraction solvent and the medicinal material rapidly come into contact with each other ,mixing.

Ultrasonic emulsification equioment main application:

1, ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicine, cell disruption, bacteria, virus tissue broken. Such as cellular extraction of cellular contents.

2, the dispersion of material particles, homogenization, and product emulsification. For example, the dispersion of nano-materials.

3, accelerate the dissolution, accelerate the chemical reaction. For example for chemical synthesis.


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