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Principle and Application of Ultrasonic hard Material Drilling Equipment

Principle and Application of Ultrasonic hard Material Drilling Equipment


With the development of ultrasound technology, more and more people tend to use it. Through some of its own characteristics, ultrasound honored its position in cutting, drawing dies and deep hole processing step by step. Ultrasonic rotary processing system belongs to the field of composite processing, so that the tool gently with a small force on the workpiece, generated by the transducer ultrasonic longitudinal vibration, and amplitude by amplifying the horn to drive the tool face for ultrasonic vibration , Forcing the working fluid suspension of abrasive particles to a great speed and acceleration continue to hit, polish the surface being machined.


Compared with traditional processing, ultrasonic rotary machining can reduce tool resistance, promote chip evacuation and increase tool strength, so that more brittle and harder materials can be processed, and the hole wall and plane roughness after processing can be greatly improved. Ultrasonic drive power solid-state all-crystal with automatic frequency tracking function, FM range, easy to adjust, high reliability, with over-current, overheating, detuning the alarm, digital frequency display. The system can be applied to machining centers, precision drilling to achieve numerical control, expanding the original equipment on the application of processing materials, more economical and affordable. Ultrasonic machining is the use of tool end for ultrasonic vibration, through the abrasive suspension processing hard and brittle materials, a processing method. Ultrasonic processing is the comprehensive result of the mechanical impact and the polishing effect of the abrasive under ultrasonic vibration and the ultrasonic cavitation. The continuous impact of the abrasive is the main factor. During processing, a mixture of liquid and abrasive suspension is added between the tool head and the workpiece, and a little pressure is added in the vibration direction of the tool head. The ultrasonic oscillation generated by the ultrasonic generator is converted to ultrasonic frequency by the transducer Mechanical vibration, the amplitude of the horn amplification to 0.01 ~ 0.15mm, and then passed to the tool, and drive the tool for ultrasonic vibration, forcing the suspension in the abrasive under ultrasonic vibration of the tool head to continue polishing at a great speed The surface to be processed, the processing area of the material crushed into fine particles, from the material was hit down. Although there is not much material for each strike, there is still a certain processing speed due to more than 16,000 hits per second. At the same time, the suspension is subjected to ultrasonic vibrations at the end of the tool


The resulting hydraulic impact and cavitation can cause the liquid to penetrate into the cracked part of the processed material and accelerate the destructive effect, and the hydraulic impact also forces the suspended working liquid to circulate in the machining gap, so that the dull abrasive is timely updated


Ultrasonic processing applications

1. Machinable high hardness brittle materials such as cemented carbide, titanium, hardened steel, diamond, quartz and tungsten, silicon, optical glass, etc .;

2. Suitable for deep holes, thin-walled parts, slender rods, low rigidity and complex shape, requiring parts processing;

3. Suitable for high precision, low surface roughness precision parts such as precision machining, dimensional accuracy of up to 0.005 ~ 0.03mm, the surface roughness Ra value of 0.05 to 0.8, the surface is no residual stress, burns and so on


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