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Difference between ultrasonic welding and arc welding

Difference between ultrasonic welding and arc welding

The biggest difference is that ultrasonic welding is a solid state process and arc welidng is a fusion process.  A solid state welding process is one where the material is not melted but only softened and pressed together to make a bond.  In these processes, many dissimilar materials can be joined (such as aluminum to copper to steel)


Arc welding involves using an electrical discharge between a negatively and positively charged metal piece.  The charge of the workpiece and electrode can be varied to improve performance.  The heat of the arc is sufficient to fully melt the metal to be joined.  Sometimes, a filler material can be melted to fill in any gap.  Arc welding can't be used to join disimilar materials.


Ultrasonic welding is a high-tech technology of sintered plastic products. The use of this technology can replace past production of flux, adhesives, buckles or other mechanical fixation, thereby improving the production efficiency and reduce costs. These welders combine technical sophistication with ease of use. They can be easily integrated in your production facilities. The principle of ultrasonic welding is through the ultrasonic generator to convert high-frequency electrical energy into higher frequency mechanical movement, then mechanical movement through a set of amplitude can be changed to the transmission device to the welding head. The welding head transmits the received vibration energy to the joint portion of the work piece to be welded, in which the vibration energy is converted into heat energy by friction and the plastic is melted. Ultrasonic not only can be used to weld hard thermoplastics, but also can process fabrics and films. ALTRASONIC will find the best solution for your thermoplastic welding needs.


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